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  1. About Payment Option

  2. About Payment Option

  3. Admin vs. Site Owner Login

  4. Aweber Integration Guide

  5. Can I Change The Code of Value Addon to Make Customizations?

  6. Can I Embed YouTube Videos?

  7. Can I Export My Data If I Decide To Leave?

  8. Can I Install Value Addon On My Own Server?

  9. Can I Upgrade My Plan Later?

  10. Can I Use My Own Domain URL?

  11. Can We Re-Connect To A Different Stripe Account Later?

  12. Configure Your Sales Page Options

  13. Configuring Your Payment Options

  14. Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

  15. Find Your JVZOO Affiliate Signup Page URL

  16. Full JVZOO Integration Guide with Value Addon

  17. GetResponse Integration Guide

  18. How Can I Edit The Navigation or CSS Style Sheets?

  19. How Can I Upgrade My Value Addon Account?

  20. How Do I Remove Th JW Player Logo?

  21. How To Add A Forum or Message Board

  22. How To Add Content To Your Membership Site

  23. How To Cancel Value Addon Account

  24. How To Change Course Thumbnail Image

  25. How To Create A Membership Site

  26. How To Create In-Store Upsells Video

  27. How To Create Membership Levels

  28. How To Edit The Disclaimer or TOS of Your Site!

  29. How To Find Order Stats and Metrics

  30. How To Login to Your Account

  31. How To Use A Custom Domain URL With Your Membership Site

  32. MailChimp Integration Guide

  33. Not Receiving Signup Emails From Value Addon

  34. Stripe is Not Supported in My Country

  35. Video Upload Failed

  36. What Merchant Service Do You Provide?

  37. Where To Find Your JVZOO Secret Key

  38. Who Owns The Content I Upload?

  39. XML Error Showing When I Click on Download(s)

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