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XML Error Showing When I Click on Download(s)

Seeing this Error? 

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. (see image below)

The Issue:

Above is an example error that may be similar to what you are seeing. The reason you are seeing this is because the download link that was clicked has expired. This happens when a user is logged into a Value Addon Membership Site and they have been on a particular page for too long causing the download links to expire or time-out. This is a security measure that we put into place ensuring that your download links are only available for a certain time period from when that page is first loaded onto the user's computer. This stops your members from sharing these download links across the web and making them inaccessible to anyone not logged into your Membership Site.

How To Solve:

Simply have the affected user logout, then log back in again to reset the download timer. This will generate a new encrypted URL and will refresh the download time that the user has to click on the download links. Sometimes, a "hard refresh" will also work on that particular page.

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