How Can I Edit The Navigation or CSS Style Sheets?

Some parts of your Value Addon membership websites are not editable by default. To make our service very user-friendly and easy to manage, we've limited the amount of customization that you can do with Value Addon however there are other ways to change or customize parts of Value Addon even though we don't naitivly support it.

Web-based tools such as will allow you customize parts of Value Addon that otherwise wouldn't be customizable. These tools will allow you to edit pretty much any part of your membership with a simple click of the mouse.

How to edit, change, or customize parts of Value Addon using
  1. Signup for a FREE trial account at (A free trial account works perfect for 95% of our users)

  2. Go to >Setting and find your Snippet code.

  3. Login to your Site Owner Control Panel for your membership site and paste this code into the >Site>Settings>Header area and press save.

  4. Create an experiment in

  5. Enter your membership site URL using the URL of your Value Addon membership website. (If your membership site uses a custom domain URL, then put that domain in when creating your experiment)

  6. After you create your 1st experiment, it will open your site in their editor. You can now change anything you want on the page. You can change things like CSS, images, text, colors and more.
  7. After you've made your changes, press "Start Experiment"
  8. Now you need to make sure these changes show 100% of the time. To ensure this, click on >Settings>Traffic Allocation.
  9. Make sure to PAUSE your Original version and raise your Variation #1 to 100% and press Apply.
  10. That's It! Once you've completed these steps, you NEW changes will always show when your membership site is loaded.
Top Questions About This

Question: How I can make changes INSIDE the members area past the Login page?
Answer: You will need to create a regular USER account inside your ValueAddon Site Owner Control Pane and use this new login information to login once your inside the editor. Using your Admin login or Site Owner login will NOT work. You need to use a regular user account. After you've logged in, you can make changes like regular that will appear to ALL visitors.

Question: Do I need to pay for to use it?
Answer: No, the FREE trial account should work fine for you.

Question: I am NOT seeing my changes when I visit my membership site URL?
Answer: Make sure you've pasted the snippet code into the >Head section of your membership site AND that you've "started" the experiment in

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