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Video Upload Failed

Check out the common reasons why a video fails to upload correctly.
  1. Invalid Format: You are uploading a video format that is unsupported and/or has a unsupported file extension. We support ALL commonly used video extensions and this usually is not a problem.
  2. Corrupt File: Sometimes video files become corrupt and are unable to be used by our platform. This can be fixed by re-rendering your video and trying to upload again. This fixes 97% of issues.
  3. Incomplete File Upload: Be sure to let your file(s) upload completely before you save or publish your page. Moving away from a page before a video is fully upload will always make your video fail.
  4. File size too large: Make sure your individual files do not exceed 2GB in size. If you files are larger than this, we suggest that you render your files to a smaller size and re-try to upload and/or break up your videos in multiple parts.
  5. Browser Issue: Sometimes a certain browser will cause a upload to fail. Try using a different browser to see if this fixes the problem.
  6. Network Issues/ISP: In rare cases, your Internet provider can be causing your uploads to not fully send all the required data for a upload to complete. We recommend restarting your router or calling your Internet Service Provider if this issue persists.

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