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MailChimp Integration Guide

Please Note: This guide is only for those who are using as your active payment method. *If you are using JVZOO and another payment processor to process payments, then you will configure your autoresponder integration inside of your control panel IF they support mailchimp.

How to connect MailChimp to your Value Addon account:

  1. Make sure you've enabled as a payment option as this will enable the built-in shopping cart. (Learn How
  2. Now click on "" to enter your built-in shopping cart.
  3. Next, click on the "Emails" tab.
  4. Choose the MailChimp selection from dropdown, then, click on the "Finding your MailChimp API key" link.

  5. Follow the instructions in MailChimp to create or get your API key. (Instructions here)

  6. Once your find your MailChimp API Key, go back to Value Addon and paste it in the box and press save.

  7. Now that you've connected MailChimp to your Value Addon membership site, you still need to assign a MailChimp list to a Stripe Payment Plan. Go back to the "Plans" tab now and "Create a New Plan" or "Edit" a current plan.
  8. On the Edit Screen, you can now choose a List/Campaign that corresponds to your MailChimp account. Make sure to press save/edit before closing this page. That's it.

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