How To Add A Forum or Message Board

As or right now, Value Addon doesn't have a built-in forum or message board. However, there are other ways to embed a forum/message board directly into your site using iFrames or javascript. Follow these instructions to learn how.

How To Embed a Forum Into Your Value Addon Membership Site:
  1. Find a embeddable forum tool: You can search google with terms like "embed a forum" to find a tool that will allow you to create, manage, and embed an online forum directly into your members area. We recommend a tool called however there are many other options on the net. The forum tool you find MUST allow the forum to be embedded.
  2. Signup, configure, and get embed code: After you signup with the forum tool you choose, you will be required to create your forum and setup things like topics, categories, and other stuff. Once you've done this, you should be able to locate your "embed code" that you will use in the next step.
  3. Copy and Paste: Once you found your embed code, you will need to copy this code from your browser and paste it into a new lesson or a blog post inside your Value Addon membership area. Make sure you have selected "Text" as your page type and then click on the HTML icon to switch to the HTML view before you paste in your code.
  4. Now, paste in your embed code and publish your page. When you view this page, you will see your forum is now inside your Value Addon members area.
  5. Below is an example of what a forum looks like inside of the Value Addon members area following the steps above.

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