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Can We Re-Connect To A Different Stripe Account Later?

Yes we do have a way to re-connect a new stripe account however you should know that once you re-connect with a different stripe account, your plans and any active paid users will be cancelled and cease to work properly.

We never recommend re-connecting to a different account unless your membership is brand new and you don't have any active paying customers.

  1. You will be required to create new pricing plans after you connect and be sure to also assign a correct pricing plan on the sales page too (if you are using the built-in sales page).

  2. You should also update any external payment URLs if are you using them with the new pricing plans you created (if you already created pricing plans).
*Remember: Any old pricing plans that were connected with the OLD stripe account will cease to function and must be made deactivated and never used again.

To add a new account, login to your Site Owner Control Panel and go to >Payment Options> > Settings > then click on the green "reconnect to stripe" button.

*Make sure you have logged out of before you do AND login with your NEW stripe account. You can go to to find your logout button. This will ensure that you do no connect to the same stripe account because usually keeps you automatically logged into their system for a long time.

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