About JVZOO.com Payment Option

JVZOO.com is a fantastic payment processor and highly recommend if you want to process payments with PayPal or Authorize.net, run an affiliate program, or build advanced up-sells and down-sells.

With JVZOO.com, you can operate and manage an affiliate program, pay affiliates, and more.

Benefits of using JVZOO with your Value Addon membership site are:
  • Coupon codes: You can create coupon codes to give to your users.
  • Affiliate program management: Create and manage your own affiliate program, pay affiliates and more.
  • Enable PayPal or Authorize.net: JVZOO by default uses PayPal to process payments however you can also enable Authorize.net too.
Website: http:jvzoo.com
Price: FREE to signup.
Merchant Fee: 5% of gross sales.
Merchant Provider: PayPal or Authorize.net
Payout Period: Instantly

Click here to find out how to configure this payment option. Full instructions included.

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