About Stripe.com Payment Option

Stripe.com is our default payment processor and highly recommend to unlock advanced features of your membership site. Stripe providers a fast 2-click setup and comes with a "instantly" approved merchant account for most Value Addon users.

Stripe provides secure payment processing using PCI compliant servers. Al your secure customer data is hosted off-site (separate from your membership site) and stored securely inside your Stripe.com users control panel. You can view advanced stats, run reports, and more in your free Stripe.com users control panel.

Benefits of using Stripe with your Value Addon membership site are:
  • Coupon codes: You can create coupon codes to give to your users.
  • Free plans: You can allow your users to signup for your memebership site though a free plan that doesn't require a credit card to signup.
  • One-click upsell links: Give current users direct URLs to pay for additional products with a single click without requiring the user to re-enter their credit card information.
  • One-click cancellation links: Allow your members to self-cancel their accounts with 1 click.
  • One-click resubscribe button: Allow your members to re-subscribe with 1 click.
  • Shopping Cart Management Tools: Built in shopping-cart to manage your users, refund customers, cancel user subscriptions, and more.
Website: http://stripe.com
Price: FREE to signup.
Merchant Fee: 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction
Merchant Provider: Stripe.com
Payout Period: Every 2 days direct to your bank account
Support Countries: (find out here)

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