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Can I Change The Code of Value Addon to Make Customizations?

Unfortunately this is not allowed but you can use 3rd-party tools to accomplish this.. Value Addon is a cloud-based app and was designed to be very user-friendly. With this in mind, we disallow people from changing the underlying code however we give our users a lot of control over things like:
  • Branding: You can change the look and feel by uploading your own logos, background images, video pre-loader images, 
  • Widgets: You can add custom widgets.
  • Scripts: You can add custom scripts into your membership site for adding things like <Head> scripts and tracking pixels to thank you pages.
  • Site Layout: In the Site Owner Control Panel, you can customize how your website is displayed by turning on and off sections of your site.
  • And more...
If you need more control, please follow the instructions on this page at:

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