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Full JVZOO Integration Guide with Value Addon

In order to make JVZOO integrate with your Value Addon Membership Website, you will need to follow these steps.

Items that are required:
  1. Input your JVZIPN Secret Key in your Value Addon membership control panel.
  2. Copy and paste your Value Addon JVZIPN URL in JVZoo's "Eternal Program Integration" field.
  3. (Optional) Enable the Value Addon built-in sales page option.
  4. (Optional) Copy and paste your buy button code into your Value Addon built-in sales page.
  5. (Optional) Copy and paste the sales page url into your JVZOO product editor.
Getting Started: Make sure to enable the JVZOO payment option first. You can find this page by going to >Payment Options in your membership control panel.

Step 1: Copy and paste your JVZIPN Secret Key (found here) into your >JVZOO Settings Page and press Save. This will activate JVZOO.

Step 2: Create or edit a product in and make sure to copy and paste your Value Addon JVZIPN URL in JVZoo's "Eternal Program Integration" field from the sidebar.

(OPTIONAL) - If you have "advanced options" enabled under > Payment Options and have created different levels of access, you can assign the correct levels to your product in the SKU field like this screenshot (below) shows. Be sure to separate each level with a comma.

That's it. You're done with the basic integration.
If you will be using the "
built-in sales page" with your Value Addon membership site, then keep reading below to complete the rest of the steps.

Step 3: Enable and configure the built-in sales page in your Value Addon membership control panel. Find this choice by going to Site > Sales Page Design.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of this page and find the last section that says  "Choose Your Default Price Option"

Then select the "JVZOO Plan" option.

This will automatically show a input box where you can paste your buy button code into. Find your buy button code from and paste into this box and press save.

*To find your JVZOO buy button code, you will need to login to your account and go to > Sellers > Sellers Dashboard and find a link called "Buy Buttons" underneath the product you are integrating with.

Step 5: If you want to send your jvzoo visitors to your built-in sales page that you created with Value Addon, then you will need to make sure you've pasted in the correct sales page and thank you page URLs into your product editor.

To find the items you copy over, go to > Payment Options > Settings >  inside your Value Addon Site owner control pabel.

And then go back to your product editor and paste them in the appropriate fields as shown below.

That's it! You're done with completing the JVZOO integration.

What happens next?
When your customers order your JVZOO product, they will automatically have an account created in your membership site and will automatically receive a welcome email with their unique username and password to access their product.

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