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How To Use A Custom Domain URL With Your Membership Site

To use a custom domain for your membership sites instead of your default “”, please follow this information below.

You’ll need to edit your DNS records on your DNS hosting service. Usually, this is your domain registrar (ie: GoDaddy, etc).

  1. Login to your domain register or hosting provider.
  2. Locate your DNS Zone File Settings.
  3. Modify your existing “A” (Host) record for your preferred domain to use this IP Address of (
  4. You will also need to create a new A-host record called "m" to enable the mobile responsive theme. (please refer to video on this page for help)
  5. Login to your ValueAddon Site Owner Control Panel for the membership site you want to customize. Click on “URLs” and edit the “custom domain URL mask” with the same domain you choose in step #3. Press save.
  6. You're done.
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